Zimateb Co. is a provider of educational service and the requirements of hospital infection control particularly in the area of hand hygiene. This company utilizing experts, proceed to set up aspecialized training unit to raising awareness of health sector personnel. Also our training experts trying to promote hand hygiene culture by going to all health centers in the country. 


The company by considering  the requirements of health centers to train and implement infection control standards, specially to make the hand hygiene culture in these centers utilizing the policy of Iran Ministry of Health and international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), has started its activity in order to promote the culture of hand hygiene and proper implementation of infection control principles in different parts of the health centers and  In this direction proceed to prepare standard educational content (posters, videos, seminars, etc.) and requirements on implementation the global pattern for hand hygiene.

Also the interact of teaching staff of the company with some of the universities of medical sciences, has assisted them achieving their long term goals on implementation and training of infection control and  in particular hand hygiene in their centers.