Infectious Conferences

Title: Sixth Congress specialized medical equipment standards and  Material
area of infection control and sterilization

The organizers: martyr Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Infection Control Association
Schedule: 27-28 August 2016

Send abstracts: 31 July 2016
Venue: Tehran, Razi Conference Center

Title : 10th International Congress of Clinical Microbiolog

Organized by: Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences- Prof.Alborzi clinical Microbiology Research Center
Send abstracts: 5 JAugust 2016
 Schedule: 27-29 September 2016
Title: The first Congress  Infection and immunity

Organized by: University of Shiraz
Schedule: 28-29 September 2016
Send abstracts: 11 July 2016
Venue: Shiraz, conference hall Sina and Mulla Sadra 
Title: 1st IFRC International Conference on Clinical Mycology Aspergillus and Aspergillosis

Organized by: Research Center invasive fungus Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences
  Setup time: 8-10 November 2016
Venue: Sari 

Medical Conferences

Organized by: Digestive Disease Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
Setup time: 20-21 Julay 2016
Venue: Tabriz University of Medical Sciences Hall Shayanmehr

Title :
 The 3rd National and the 1st  International Congress on Endometriosis and
(Minimally Invasive Gynecology (EMIG

                Organized by : New technology institute of Biological Sciences, University of Ibn Sina, Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery for endometriosis and women in the UK
Setup time: 25-27 October 2016
Venue: Tehran, Hall Aboureihan International Conference Center martyr Beheshti University